PopUp SOFLO is a networking organization facilitated by women of color, in efforts to provide small business owners an opportunity to connect with the South Florida community, network with other entrepreneurs, and give back locally.

Operations Director and the Owner & Founder of Shannie Beauty & Co.@shanniebeautyandco

Shantal Walker

“Learning and Applying the Do & Don’ts from my fellow team members made me cross each and every obstacle that came my way. We was able to accomplish way more task together as a team verses doing it on my own.
I’m beyond honored to be apart of Popup Soflo Organization."

Shannie Beauty & Co.

Marketing Director and the CEO & Founder of Launch It Agency LLC

Chade' Lopez

“Entrepreneurship has always been an active part of my life. I strive to become an oasis of trust and hope for other small business owners in efforts to help grow their businesses along with mine.

I’m excited to partner with the other ladies of PopUp SOFLO to illustrate to our community an idea of togetherness and growth. I am committed to serving my local communities through charity and by providing a platform for economic growth and business development.”

Launch It Marketing Agency

Financial Director and the Owner & Founder of K Alicia Fitwear

Karel Young

“Making that first step to entrepreneurship is hard. Without the women around me to advise me every step of the way I wouldn’t have made it this far. I strongly believe in Upliftment and encouragement and working together.

I’m excited to be able to create a safe space to showcase all small business to grow their brands. A space that we can meet new people, build friendships and crush our goals. Let’s grow together!”

K Alicia Fitwear

Sales Director and the CEO & Founder of Dynamic Cuisines

Krystal Powell

“I'm honored and excited to have the opportunity to be a part of this diverse group. Connecting with people is one the most vital parts of my day for not only my mental being but also my brand. Meeting new people is extremely fulfilling and getting to expand my network and nurture my relationships with current and future customers drive me to work even harder.

Nothing brings people together like good food and partnership!“